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Rigami is a new browser tab that combines minimalism and extensive functionality. Bookmarks, clock, date and current weather, nothing more

All the most important and nothing else

Cleanliness and a minimum of details, just what you need, excellent customization and huge functionality.

  • Backgrounds of any format
  • Bookmarks are always at hand
  • Current temperature outside the window
  • Date & time

Become part of the project

The project is currently in active development and is not available to the general public, but you can join and help bring it to the world faster. Your help will not go unnoticed.

Any background format

Support for a huge number of background files, as well as customizable background streams.

  • GIF animation
  • Video
  • Image
  • Streams of endless backgrounds

    You can use prepared streams, or create your own by keywords

Convenient and beautiful bookmarks

Folders, tags - everything for quick and easy access to the desired bookmarks

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Pre-release task list

Things to remember to do before release:

- Write a changelog
- Specify the new version number
- Check migration

Cleanliness comes first

Try it.
You will like it.

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